3D model

A considerable part of our land will be a conservation area in which we will maintain plant and cultivate suitable native local endangered plants and trees. Most of our land will be appropriately managed to maintain the tree canopy while reducing fuel loads from bush litter. The development of our site will see only approximately 3% of our land completely cleared of trees to make space for the structures.

All trees in the development envelope have been professionally surveyed and assessed. Flora & fauna, arborist and heritage assessments have been conducted and included in our applications to Council.

Download 3D model

Based on all the available information provided by these reports and suppliers a 3D model of Bundeena Coast and its surrounding landscape has been created that you can use to review the proposal in its context.

Download the updated January 2017 model from Dropbox and explore on your desktop.

Download Sketchup application for free and open the model in the application.

If you have any questions about our model please send us a message.

Screen shots of 3D model

If your computer does not have enough capacity to load and work with the model you can review some screen shots below.


The larger remaining trees close to the emergency evacuation and refuge building will be pruned and maintained to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.



The kitchen tent has been moved to the west. Allowing a combined refuge reception office building at the center to benefit a single Asset Protection Zone.

The remaining tree canopy will form a natural privacy filter between our lodge and the village.



The guest tent directly adjacent the refuge building is wheelchair accessible.


The houses in the village on the other side of our valley are situated lower in the landscape and shielded by the natural canopy filter.



Please contact Sutherland Shire Council for more information on the DA process.


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